Eurocham – EIBDY 2018

The Challenge Given to Us

EuroCham has challenged us to create an event about Circular Economy with millennials as the target.

The biggest challenge of this project is the topic of the event; Circular Economy, a very serious topic unknown to the youths. We have to be very creative to package and communicating the event, so it could be appealing for millennials.

We created a concept that combines substantial environmental issues with pop culture elements. We did a full scale creative activation which involved these tasks:

  1. Creation of event concept along with its contents
  2. Speakers & moderators approach.
  3. Creation & execution of marketing campaign.
  4. Digital content (visual & editorial) production.
  5. Creation & execution of ticket sales strategy.
  6. Website (UI & UX) development.
  7. Ticketing system development.
  8. Show management.

How did we do it?


The concept of the event is a conference with 10 classes in 1 day covering 10 topics about Circular Economy.

Speakers & Moderators

We chose the speakers & Moderators based on 2 characteristics; not just they are experts in their fields, they are also young, so they can be relevant with the audience.

The speakers are mostly startup founders and the moderators are mostly from Abang None Jakarta.

Social Media Campaign

We created a carefully crafted social media campaign with 6 stages of message construction; content about environment, circular economy, event launching, ticket sales & D-Day.

We use this approach because we believe, in order for people to buy something, they have to understand why they buy it.

Ticket Sales

We build a full-stack website with our own ticketing system to provide the event information, also as platform for people to buy the ticket.

How did it go?

How far did we go?

Project Manager, EuroCham Indonesia

Anastasia Susanto

The EU-Indonesia Business Dialogue 2018, with around 500 total participants, was a big success. The event received a great amount of exposure from the media and also positive feedback from the participants. Our big thanks to you for Semesta contribution and participation. We owe the success of the Youth Dialogue to you.


Social media impressions


Event attendees


KPI Achieved


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