More than 10 years of experience crafting meaningful stories

Our Story So Far

Since day one, we always stay true to our cause; to be helpful for others, which we hold dear to our heart as our value.

Started in 2009, when we first launched the @IndonesianYouth movement, we had a mission to build a platform for youth in Indonesia which they can use to invent their meaningful story and maximize their potentials.

After consistently doing the movement, we grew, and we have achieved several things along the way that we are proud of. Some of those achievements are:


social media impressions


event attendees


volunteer applicants


organization partners

Our vision as a company is to build a deep connection not just in term of business, but also as human being. We don’t want to be just your another business accomplice that have interest only for benefit, but we want to be your trustworthy companion that you can rely on in every condition and always be there to give you the needed solutions of your problems.

We hope this is the start of a great and deep relation between us, and we look forward to our exciting future adventure together.

Our Small Team

A small team, committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything.

Usman Al Idrus
Chief Executive Officer

Usman Al Idrus Iyus

Firman Agus Suryantoro
Chief Bizdev Officer

Firman Agus Suryantoro Firman

Danu Indrasprasto
Chief Operating Officer

Danu Indrasprasto Danu

Satrya Damarjati
Creative Director

Satrya Damarjati Satrya